Does it appear that you have it all? You may earn a good salary, own a home and even drive a nice car. Your friends and family love you. Your life is good, but… something is missing.

  • Do you push away those feelings, hoping they’ll disappear?
  • Do you submerge yourself in work to avoid thinking about your life?
  • Do feel like you don’t know how to change?

What now?

When you’re feeling stuck in a life rut, that’s a signal—you’re ready to make a change. With life coaching, you’ll find answers to your questions, learn how to make decisions that align with what matters most and find ‘genuine’ purpose;

Gillian is a deeply caring, insightful, and forthright resource who can help you find or refresh your path to personal success. She can help you discover and explore the self-imposed barriers you place in your way. Empowering you through self-discovery, action and mastery to stay your course, she helped me find my path and “North Star.” A constant reference to guide me and get me back on track should I get lost again. Truly a gift!” Bryan, Strategic Advisor – 45

Make New Choices with the Support of a Life Coach

Reframing your life might seem a little daunting, but you won’t be on this journey alone. With the help of a personal life coach, discover what’s really going on with you.

  1. Identify your values and test your limiting beliefs
  2. Get real LIFE tools that will educate, inspire and motivate you to shake off doubt
  3. Bridge the gap between fantasy and reality—make your dreams concrete
  4. Take action—forget about “over-thinking”, “procrastination” and “analysis paralysis”. A great coach holds you accountable and guides you forward so you get where you need to go!

Is Coaching Right for Me?

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